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Why this Blog

It’s main motto is to available  ancient yoga to all persons in modern concept as well as easy language and demonstrations.

What is Ancient Yoga and how it is benificial for us

A yogi (yoga lover) is paying pranama to lord sun in the time of sunrise early in the morning on the bank of the Ganges.

Yoga is originated in ancient India.In ancient times Rishis and Munis (holy monks) are teaches the sons of kings, degnotories and persons in their ashrams ( schools) situated in the jungle, away from people living places and peaceful area. They taut them there philosophy, science, aurvedic, medicines, wrestling, arms uses activities for self security and many more. They also taught them yoga thoughrouly for their health care and long life. Yoga proved very valuable for their long live. Rishis, Munis yogi got unbelievable long life even 150 to 200 years and even more. 125 – 150 years was their normal age of life. Even at that age they looking very young, energetic, happy and creative. It was due to their daily yoga practices(ie. doing yoga poses l, pranayamas, meditations and more). Yoga also keeps us away from serious illness. It keeps us safe. In the Corona Period Yoga proved very very beneficial for all people around the world.These are the benefits of ancient Indian Yoga.

A woman is doing traditional yoga in yoga studio.

How Manuscript of Ancient Indian Yoga came in a book shape

It is believed that Yoga was originated by a kind of dance called Thandav, a very special dance performed by Lord Shiva on the mountain Kailash (resembles of Himaliyas ) thousands of years ago.
Here is blowing flower shows that human bodies are blowing after performing yoga practice like that.

White fliwers give us pease and calm.
Two flowers are looking just like two kids are doing yoga pose.
A yoga instructor is doing breathing based Nadi Shodhan Pranayama in an Indian yoga studio.
A girl of Saharsa, Bihar is performing amazing yoga pose.

His book was written on Tal Patra too, because that time in India and perhaps whole world, there were no papers and printing press. His book’s name was Patanjali Sutras. After it there were many collections came on yoga but Patanjali Sutras was most realible and contained proper and vast contents about ancient Indian yoga. That book was written in Sanskrit language, one of the ancient lanuaguage of India,as well as of the world.

These are the cause yoga attracts the ancient Indian lerned philosophers deeply. A veteran philosopher PATANJALI Muni ( Indian Monk) was the One of them. One thing more the Rishis and Munis (monks) were wrote their inportant notes( manuscript )on the leaves of dried Tal Patra ( dried pam leves or Borassus flabellifer). About 5000 ( Five thousand) years ago Patanjali collected all their inportant notes written about the Yoga and given them shape of a book.

Patanjali was the first Philosopher who written first book on Ancient Yoga

A woman is maditating for peace and relaxasation on the sea shore in the morning.
Women are demontrating yoga poses to followers on the occasion of yoga day last.
Worlds famous yoga guru and yoga popularizer Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar (BKS Iyengar) He was born in December 14, 1918, at Bellur, Karnataka, India and died August 20, 2014 in Pune, Maharashtra. He popularize the yoga in India as well as all over the world.

We will appreciate and obey the path of “Patanjali Yoga Sutras”and will contribute basic yoga knowledge according to that pious book of knowlege. The overall aim of the Ancient Indian Yoga Studio is “yoga for all”. And Subscribtion, contribution or any type of bindings will not come before it.

An woman yogi is doing dog pose of yoga. This pose is very effective in waist ache or waist pain.
An woman yogi is doing magic chair pose. She is tending to sitting slowly and slowly on her yoga mat in a yoga studio.
Three women yogis are performing Tree pose in a yoga studio.

Fortunately that ancient book of Patanjali Sutras found safe and came in book shape

That original book, written in Tal Patra found safe and in its original shape. So it was possible to rewrite and print it in moderen age.

Most of India And abroad yoga gurus accepted Patanjali Sutras

A woman is maditating for peace and relaxasation on the sea beach in the morning.

Most of the Yoga gurus ( Master of yoga) of modern age inhance their knowledge regading yoga from that original book of Patanjali. So the Patanjali is the master of origin of the modern Yoga.

Veteran Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda was also written many books on ancient Indian yoga.

The Over all Aim Of Ancient Indian Yoga Studio

Once upon a time on the top of the Kailash mountain (resembles with the Himalayas ) lord Shiva was performed Tandav Dance in very first time. That dance was actually a bouquet of yoga poses. At the same time 84 Munis (Indian Monks ) were meditatatating there to obtained from god something inovative and most beneficial for the human beings of the earth. So when their eyes open and they saw Tandava, they overwhelmed. They told, wow! lord shiva, we got that!
A video footage of wow.
Lord Shiva was dancing the Tandav dance.
An woman yogi is doing warm up exercise before starting ancient yoga in a yoga studio.
A yogi is doing breathing pranayama. He is breathing in and breathing out slowly and steadly. It is most beneficial for getting oxygen (energy) from open air and keeping body energetic.
Here a yogi sitted in yoga pose. He is doing breath based anulom vilom pranayanama.
An woman yogi is showing Namaste pose in an ancient yoga studio.
Lord Shiva dancing the Tandav dance on the top of Kailash Mountain.
A lady yogi sitting in a yoga pose. She is drinking mineral water from her water bottle.
Lord Buddha was also included Yoga as one of the main subject in his world fame Buddhism sect more than 2500 years ago.
Ancient Yoga makes our body strengthen and made it stable like the world fame tower of Pisa.
A beautiful woman is opening her yoga mat to getting started the the ancient yoga practice.
A yoga teacher is doing wrist rotating exercise during warm up in an ancient yoga studio. This yoga pose is useful for frequently mobile users.

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