Worthful Audios : Speech Of Ganghi Ji

Here Mahatma Gandhi is saying to the Indian people that they should live with full of peace and harmony in country at that struggling situation in 1947.

Aurora Vargas is the famous flamenco singer of Spain. She is well known not only in Spain and Argentina but all over Europian, north American and Asian countries.  Vargas is a very popular flamenco singer of he

National Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinker was an most famous Indian poet and freedom fighter. He is remembered as one of the most prominent Hindi poets. He is regarded as the greatest Hindi poet of ‘Veer Rasa’. His nationalist poetry written before independence earned him the tile of ‘national poet’. Here a famous poem was reciting by him, which he had presented in a Kavi Sammelan in Bihar, India few years ago before his death.

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