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Barbie is an eleven inch (29 cm) tall plastic doll which was introduced in 1959. Barbie doll was originally modeled on the German Bild Lilli doll which were iproduced from 1955 to 1964. World fame Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie turned 63 this year.

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Barbie Doll was born on the March 9, 1959. That day she was officially launched at the American International Toy Fair. The doll was created by Ruth Handler. She was an business woman.

Barbie doll very quickly became a global icon. Girls friendly, constantly reinvented herself, changing her clothes to keep up with the latest fashions and adapting her image in response to wider social and cultural change were the chief cause of her success. She came in differents avatars. In them businesswoman, computer girls, tv ankers, austronauts, social worker, dentist, doctor were chief careers. That was the cause thats why girls of America, europe and most of the other countries loved Barbie very much and the doll became so popular among them. At that time there were no any girl in France that have not a barbie doll. Barbie’s evolution has been controversial at times, but before we get into her inspirational triumphs and contentious fails, we need to take a look back at her long and fascinating history.

Her full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts

Barbie doll was introduced to the world as a teenage fashion model. Her full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie’s predecessor,
was a Swiss Bild Lilli doll.  Barbie was a copy of that doll. Lilli was a doll with long leged, fashionable clothed and glamorous make-up . Based on a comic strip character, Lilli was a working girl, described as a ‘blonde bombshell’. Handler came across the doll while vacationing in Switzerland in 1956 and immediately recognized the potential market for a doll that could be dressed in the latest fashions and imagined fulfilling adult roles and careers.
She brought three Lilli dolls back to the USA, and over the next few years worked with Mattel, the toy company co-founded by her husband Eliot Handler to design and create the first Barbie doll.

Barbie Meets Kane in 1960sInfluenced by the movie stars of the 1950s, the first Barbie doll was fully made up with red lips, black eyeliner and perfectly arched eyebrows. She wore a strapless zebra striped swimsuit and came with either blonde or brunette hair done up in a cute Audrey.

In 1960s decades Barbie

first time became available with Titian red hair, bendable legs and eyes that opened and closed. Her physical transformation was striking too.

A boyfriend doll of barbie Ken came in 1960. At the same year her best friend Midge and her little sister Skipper were also came in her dream house. In 1967, Mattel debuted ‘Colored Francie’ the first African-American doll to enter Barbie’s network of friends. Both Francie and Christie, who followed just a year later, were manufactured with dark skin,  but designers used the same mold as that it used for ‘Caucasian Barbie’, meaning all of the dolls had the exact same facial features.

Barie’s First Controvesy Came in 1963

Barbie’s first controversy came in 1963 with the introduction of ‘Barbie Baby-Sits’. Wearing a long pink-striped skirt with  ‘babysitter´.  Barbie Baby-Sits were contains a number of accessories, including a baby in a crib, a telephone, a few bottles of soda and a book. named How to Lose Weight .

Skipper And Malibu Barbie Introduced in 2970s

First Barbie came in a new life style in 1970. She was in long flowing skirts, tasseled jackets and long, flowing hair. But it lasted only a year.In 1971 ‘Malibu Barbie’ was launched.

Barbie’s Little Sister Skipper Introduced

In the mid-70s, Mattel suffered some severe internal difficulties and almost went bankrupt in 1974. In 1975, Mattel launched a version of Barbie’s little sister named Skipper.

Barbie Won Gold in Winter Olympics

In 1975, Barbie won gold at the Winter Olympics in swimming, skating and skiing categories. In 1976, she and Ken were included in the 1976 America’s Time Capsule, cementing her status as a true American icon.

Barbie Becomes a Career Girl in 1980

During 1980s period,

Barbie was introduced as Docter, Astronaut and Pilot. ‘Day to Night Barbie’, launched in 1985. That yuppie Barbie came complete with office accessories and an evening gown so Barbie could go straight from the office to a swanky city party.

Barbie came with Jwellery in 80s

In 80’s fashion era Barbie introduced with wearing jwelleries, leggings, a hairpiece and lots of neon in 1986.

Talking Barbie Introduced And Removed in 1990s
In 1992 Barbie head her first presidential campaign with the launch

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