Melodious Audios

You can hear a poem of Kabir Das, a veteran poet of India. The poem is recited by prominent singer of India Luxmi Shanker.

A cuckoo is singing in a very sweet sound.

A poet recited his poem in hindi on a Kavi Sammalan.
A short guided mefitation by HH Swami Mahesh Yogi in India. He is a veteran Yoga Guru of India.
Famous bollywood Singer Sharda singing Hindi song “Dekho Mera Dil Machal Gaya…” in a public music ceromany in India.

Famous bollywood female Singer Sharda singing Hindi song ” Titli Udi, Ud jo Chali …” of Hindi Movie Suraj in a public music ceremany in India.

Guru Vandana in the voice of famous bollywood female singer Sharda in a public music ceremany.. in India.
Music recital parody of hindi song ” Baharo mera jivan bhi sanvaro, baharo… “.
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