Effel Tower Illuminating Less Than Earlier To Save Energy

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Eiffel Tower is illuminating less hours in late night because its light being turned off more than an hour earlier.

Effel tower showing in darkness.

Lights on the Eiffel Tower has been turned off after the last visitor leaves at 11.45 p.m. instead of 1 a. m, from last Sept. 23.

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Effel tower is looking beautiful in dim light in the night.

This step has been taken by the Mayor of Paris to save electricity, as Russia’s war in Ukraine deepens an energy crisis in Europe.

Famous Effel Tower is in the darkness of night.

The iconic tower that was normally illuminated until 1 a.m. at present plunged into darkness earlier in the evening due to the sortage of power in the winter.

Effel tower in the night in Paris.
Visiters are visiting the Effel Tower.
Effel Tower illuminating in night in Paris.
Detailed of Effel Tower.
View of Effel Tower with the highway in Paris
Effel tower showing in day light.


Effel tower in broad day light in Paris।
Effel tower illuminating in dark sky in Paris.
The famous Effel tower of Paris.
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