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Gazipuri Wall Hanging

Ghazipur Wall Hanging, A unique handicraft product, actualized from the best combination of golden jute fiber and fabrics in a traditional manner by not using any form of electricity in the product making process makes Ghazipur Wall Hanging a 100 percent handmade product.

The reputed Ghazipur Jute Wall Hanging Craft originated in the Devkali block and Saidpur of Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh and after that spread in the surrounding districts.

Ghazipur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in northern India. As per the verbal and folk history, the city of Ghazipur has Historical and Religious Significance. During the Satyuga, It is the place that belongs to the Ramayana period. Maharshi Jamadagni, the father of great Maharshi Parashurama, is said to have resided here.

Here is showing Ghazipur  Handmade Jute Wall Hanging

Here is showing Ghazipur  Handmade Jute Wall Hanging

Ghazipur  Handmade Jute Wall Hanging

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(Handmade Jute Wall Hanging)

Short History of Ghazipur Wall Hanging:

Since last 50 years, in about 60 villages, approx. 4000 poor artisans produces one of the most unique arts, Jute Wall Hanging in Ghazipur District, Uttar Pradesh (UP). The Ghazipur Wall Hanging is completely handmade and is a blend of jute yarn and other yarns of different colors and strength.

Making Process:

Raw Material Used: Raw Jute, Silk-kela Yarn, Velvet Paper and Beads. The main raw material is Jute Yarn.

The production involved vast steps which start with the bleaching of the base yarn which is jute. Subsequently, the yarns are dyed by following the old, traditional technique. This is followed by weaving to get the desired patterns. It is done using pit-looms. If needed, the artwork is supplemented with embroidery and patchwork, which depends on the creativity of the Artisan.

Uniqueness of Ghazipur Wall Hanging:

• World is changing but the designing and weaving pattern available with artisans in Jute Wall Hanging are old.

• There is no mechanism to ensuring updating of internal trends, combinations of colors used and designing patterns.

• The artisans also adopt the old dyeing techniques, processing and also finishing is not modernized.

• The pattern used for motif is traditional and modern. Both, motifs of flower, plants, nature, gods and goddesses etc. are weaved by hand. The modem trends like dancing girls, moods etc. are also commonly used.

• There is no jacquard technique. Simple designs and sketches of the drawing are weaved by blending various colored yarns along with the base yarn, being only jute.

• This craft is completely eco-friendly. It is a cent percent handmade product.

• The use of the design graph paper which is again handmade, adds to its uniqueness. This art is therefore distinctive and special for its naturalistic appeal and simple yet stylistic presentation and designs.

• Geographical & climatic conditions add to the refinement of the desired shades of colors.

Ghazipur Jute Wall Hangings at GI TAGGED:

Ghazipur Jute Wall Hangings are one of the unique Handicraft products, transformed from the best combination of golden fiber jute yam & fabric. Proper display of this product provides aesthetic pleasure & can certainly change the decor of your drawing room, offices, commercial-hall, hotel-room, meeting hall etc. Jute fiber used as basic material is a natural gift of mankind, which is biodegradable, non-toxic & environmental friendly.

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